In today’s episode, our guest is Jeff Spencer, doctor, mindset guru, chiropractor, artist, and author. He is a former Olympian, and over the last forty years, he has worked alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers. Throughout Dr. Jeff’s life and career, he had a diverse set of experiences and accomplishments.

 [7:52] Why should we listen to you?

I would say that you certainly don’t want to step into the preventable problems that most people do a lot of the things that people think to be true and it’s not true at all. If you want to play a big game, you want to do it the hard way, then just do what you do. And once you’ve had enough of it, come to me and I’ll tell you exactly how the prolific achievers through it. 

[8:40] Jeff’s Background

I was an Olympian, and if you can’t manage your health, then don’t plan on having a very good life either. A catastrophic relationship failure or a health event prematurely can wipe you off the face of the earth. The experience and spent time in the lives of some of the most prolific achievers of our era. There is nothing like going to be tricked by, or we’re going to learn it correctly.

[11:04] Secret to Success

I want to share about the champion’s golden rule. First, you prepare, then you perform. There are no shortcuts. You can compress time. If you have certainty about having the right model and clarity, you have got the right goal for yourself.


If you don’t know your assets and your current reach, which determines your state of readiness, how long it’s going to take, then your risk exponentially grows. There’s nothing more tragic than someone who deserves to win but falls unnecessarily.

[14:54] Determining your Goal.

Always remember the plan is a plan. Once the plan meets reality, then it has to be adjusted. We need to maintain a peripheral awareness of what’s going on around us because blindsides can wipe us off the face of the earth. We should expose and challenge every one of our goals rather than just thinking about what the rewards will be. If you can’t convince me that it’s relevant enough, it’s probably not a goal worth pursuing.


There is a certain way that we look at life that we can’t conceive of in advance to evaluate and make our decisions against. In many of the goals that we make, we spent 20 years getting there. Once we get there, we realize that it’s not what we thought it would be because we’re looking at it through a different lens. We also need to ask about the mindset. Do I have what it takes mentally to face all of this stuff that I’m going to face?

 [21:21] Journey towards Goal.

I have never been able to achieve this goals on the first try. There is a deliberate sorting process before setting a big, audacious goal. You must have an intentional starting procedure like the racehorse has to get out of the gate clean. Enthusiasm is supposed to drop, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad plan, or you can’t do it.


From moment zero to goal completion, you have to expect that. You must do some recalibration to ensure that you’ve got enough people to have enough resources on board. You now believe that it’s possible to move forward towards goal completion, and once you’ve done that, it’s guaranteed I’m going to get to the finish line.


You have to go from believing you can do it to knowing you can do it. Street smarts in the real skills necessary to do it are an essential part of every aspirational goal. You got to finish the job without tripping before you cross the finish line.


When the game over is over, always remember you can do it. You need to get to that point where you have believed is not knowing if you stay in the daily grind and don’t talk yourself out of it and quit prematurely, you’re going to get up, and you’re going to believe.

[28:43] The Process

The first thing is clarity. We need to get abundantly clear on three things. We need to be very clear on do you have the right goal. If you can’t say that, I suggest you don’t start.


The second thing is that we need to take an explicit inventory of who you are, your capabilities, your reach, where you are in, and your blind spots that give us a sense of your current capacity.


The third is to establish a trajectory then between where you are and where you want to get to that’s got two parts, the first trajectory, you can take the known information that you have, that will demonstrate for you what the first target should be based upon the evidence.


You don’t want to forfeit your time and effort, hope, and bigger future when the necessity and the parts that have to go right when the clarity is not there, don’t do it. Once we have given ourselves enough time to pull the friction out responsibly, then we’re up on the trend line where we’re humming right along with that appropriate peak velocity, holding maximum momentum. That’s where we can draw the finish line closer to us.

[33:53] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I promise to show up and answer the call. That is the promise I’m going to showing up 100%.

Key Quotes

[11:23 – 11:26] You do the homework, and the test is easy. Meaning first you prepare, then you perform.

[15:05 – 15:06] A plan is a plan.

[25:35 – 25:38] You got to finish the job without tripping before you cross the finish line.


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