In this episode, we have Jatali Bellanton share how she mastered money and her journey on managing and understanding how it works. She is also here to share Kitsy Bank and Brilliant Minds Unite, which teaches kids and adults financial literacy. 


[5:26] Why should we listen to you? 

Because I make money, and I multiply money. 


[6:49] How did you master money? 

Started out just watching one of my parent figures really struggle financially. I had a father figure, my dad, who was very good with money, and he knew how to manage it, multiply it, and mastered the game called money.


[10:50] Journey towards figuring money out

Experiencing what you know is very important as well, and you need to reach out to people about how they do it. If it doesn’t appreciate in value and doesn’t add to my money, why am I spending my money on it?


[17:30] Financial Literacy

I have an organization called Kitsy Bank, and we teach financial literacy in the school systems. Third graders to high school students at Kitsy, and then for university students, adults, and the parents of those children, we have an organization called Brilliant Minds Unite. 

[22:49] Teaching finance is more effective when taught in a simpler way. It does not need to be complicated as you don’t have to use the SAT language all the time. 



[11:45-11:52] “If you have something you don’t know, you need to ask that person who has that knowledge. Because the worst they can tell you is that they don’t want to tell you the information.”

[24:04-24:12] I think that’s sometimes the problem that we have with the finance world right now is that sometimes people expect you to have this SAT language all the time.

[25:14 -25:19] “I go very hard telling my students I’m going to tell you don’t refer to anything, any mistakes that you’ve made as dumb because if you think that you’ve made a dumb mistake, then you will start actually making dumb mistakes.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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