In this episode, we have invited Jason Yarusi, Founder of Yarusi Holdings, and Co-Host of The Jason and Pili Project Podcast and Multifamily Live Podcast. Jason is adept at real estate investing with over 850 units invested worth more than $75 million. Today, Jason talks about overcoming difficulties and why building a robust foundation to achieve your endeavors is a must.

[07:01] Why should we listen to you?

The question we should ask always is about others about what we find in life. When I try to have a conversation, its not about me because people are too busy worrying their own lives. It all comes down to what value I can provide for that person—that would end up manifesting a conversational and formative relationship.

[14:53] Decisions

You cannot force someone to make a decision because they are not going to make it right. You can provide information and share your setbacks, journey, and goals that led you where you are to allow them make creative and better choices. There are times where you want all the answers, but you are not ready to take it all in.

[20:48] Warren Buffet’s “5-25 Rule”

Warren Buffet’s “5-25 Rule” says that you list down the Top 25 Most Important Things to you in order, circle the Top 5 Things from it, erase the rest of them, and never look at them again. There is no perfect balance. There will always be a reason for you to pour your energy into something. The crux of the matter is understanding your priorities.

[22:48] Look at the list. What part of the list that would cause massive repercussions if you decided to not pursue it? Because 80% of them does not really matter—where there is like to be no repercussions. Move things that are high stakes above the priority. Because if you will not do them, you’re going to be exactly where you are today, tomorrow, next week, and the years to come.

[26:57] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That I will be out there to help others help themselves. I might not have the resources but I can listen and help you traverse the direction you will go—because any action is better than inaction. Even if you never know if you made the wrong step, it allows you to get close to the right one.

Key Quotes:

[08:39 – 08:47] “You will never have all the answers. If you do, you are not in the right place and limiting yourself to push the boundaries.”

[12:13 – 12:20] “I can only be responsible for my choice and decisions. But how can I make a choice that can be more positive today?”

[18:35 – 18:38] “You are now ready. You just need a little push to take that step to go.”

[22:45 – 22:47] “You are living someone else’s dream without creating your own.”


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