In today’s episode, our guest is Jason Marc Campbell, the host of the Impact at Work interview series and Superhumans at Work, a Mindvalley Podcast. He has a background in investment in real estate, private money collection, internet marketing, and sales. His forthcoming book on sales shows how moving you from terror to love will add plenty to yourself, the friends and even raise the trend for all.

[5:18] Why should I listen to you?

People will listen to me because they find me interesting. But if you look back at the conversation, I’ll be that guy who asks many questions; it will probably not reveal that much about myself.  But that gives a clue as to how to usually communicate if you want people to have, you know, interest and be able to relate to you is to be able to ask some genuinely curious questions.

[10:29] Stages of Growth

In America right now, there are many these culture wars, like people that are like entrepreneurial hustle culture are against these people that are like pacifist or like trying to create equality for all. You have to clear that caricature. You need to get rid of that caricature to make your cause more impactful.

[12:47] Ways in monetizing

We love to be sold, but not in a way we don’t like. A lot of sales happen from a place that they don’t take the time to understand. We are paralyzed today by the Paradox of Choice. We’re looking for someone that we can trust that understands us, he says. That would be ideal; it’s attainable, it is reachable, and there’s a way to make sales that way.

[14:58] Selling with Love

Get clear on the impact, start with the effects you’re going to make for the buyer, then think about the impact on the world. The process of selling the understanding of human psychology is a hell of power, but it comes with responsibility.


I love speaking to the greens when it comes to those levels of consciousness. It’s a very, very powerful power. It’s a life-changing power, and it’s not just about making money; it’s about making a difference in the lives of other people and the world.


I tell people there are five loves in selling, and the first love is, love the impact. And if you start with impact first, this puts you in a powerful space because a mistake that most people make is they only, which is like a very personal selfish goal.

[18:49] Importance of Impact.

The goal is to make as many people have beliefs that will be cracked just a little more. The more the world is filled with people with those crack shells, the more people will start solving world problems. It’s not only going to make it better for my children but also the average children worldwide. When we start seeing people think differently, it’s going to get you there.

[20:08] Love the buyer.

I love the buyer to understand how much you spend time getting to know the people you sell to. It is where your work around the personas is essential. The simple, powerful exercise that I love walking people through is whatever it is that you’re selling.

[24:03] Get your knowledge.

Study all of the strategies so selling is not manipulative. Still, intuition, learn a vocabulary that people need to grasp because they will get the real meaning they want to deliver. 

[24:56] Love Yourself.

It is where you have to have compassion for yourself no matter where you are on the journey. We’re always doing our best regardless of where we’re starting from. Stop judging yourself and thinking that you need to sell in a certain way. Your style is wonderful, and you’ll keep learning.

Key Quotes

[8:18 – 8:21] “Finding things of value in providing that value.” 

[12:41 – 12:43] “Everybody loves to buy. Nobody likes to be sold.”

[14:36 – 14:40] “There’s going to be a big part of you that is missing if you’re not embracing this beautiful art of selling.”

[16:23 – 16:29] “Just think about the impact you make for the buyer but take a moment and think about the impact you’re going to make for the world.”


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