In today’s episode, our guest is James Beck, a structural integration therapist and author who teaches corporate environments and culture services about healing pain. This person is passionate about helping other individuals remove pain physically, like helping high-performance athletes, chiropractors, personal trainers, and physical therapists. 

[4:41] Why should we listen to you? 

I came from a foster home called “Last Chance,” where street kids who were physically abused are placed. I realized that I could help other people, just like how my father had helped me when I almost gave up on myself.  

[5:51] Moving to Los Angeles 

When I moved to Los Angeles, I learned how to write and knew that massage therapy could damage a person’s psyche. I wanted to explore how far good touch can remove pain and do the opposite. I was also the therapist for American gladiators and the biggest loser.

[7:11] Feeling Empty and Resetting Life 

This was the time where I felt empty. It felt like my life was about me. I feel like I climbed the wrong mountain even though I have many opportunities around me. On April 1st, 2011, I invited all my friends over, and I said, take it all. By giving everything away, all my things, my mind was rewired to a survival level. 

[8:49] I went around the United States, and I served one family and every state of the country. I did not ask a dime for my time. I wanted to go around my country and make someone in every state feel priceless like I did.

[10:04] I did a coat drive a couple of years ago where we brought like 3000 coats and where I also realized how much pain the white people have caused them. I understood and served them, not only individually, different relationships. And there are simple principles that you can use to transform the dynamic of any relationship.

[11:45] Moving back to California 

I met my wife in California, who is a Lieutenant Colonel back then. I became a structural person and learned how to do high-level therapy. I would serve the soldiers under my wife’s leadership, where every soldier had the same problem repeatedly, which was sacred iliac dysfunction. I also developed this level one certification to where any athlete or chiropractor, PT, massage therapists can balance.

[14:00] Impactful Situation 

I met some in Ohio, where she asked me to take her kids on a fishing trip. At first, I didn’t know what I can teach them, but then instead of having it be about me again, learning to turn my mind off as how I can help you not be a part of the interchange at all, but just let the other person dictate everything. Then she started to pay forward to the community.

[16:45] Betrayal 

When I was in the Navajo nation, I thought it was tremendous and committed by that other person. I thought they were committed to me, but they were not, and I realize that I committed to the wrong person. You did not spend the time to figure out if this person was worthy of your word. You give your word before you did your due diligence.

[20:00] National News 

When I rolled out my stories, the national news agency picked them up. When you realize when you have the work and are just doing the work consistently and have your heart in the right spot, the magic happens. And that maybe if you are trying to scheme and strategize and everything, you could not have gotten that just by doing the work; it all turns into something.

[22:00] Communication 

Communicate on an absolute level, what you are going to, is it just as a human being, having it just be human and my pain connected with their pain, and since it was authentic and genuine, we were able to bond and grow through that. People do not realize that how you get into a flow state, enhance consciousness, and enhance performance is through service.

[24:09] What promise did God make to the world when He created you? 

It is to be reckoned with. I wanted to be a reckoning to myself. It is both a country reference and a spiritual reference.

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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