In today’s episode, our guest is Jack Murphy. He is the Co-Founder of I Love My Freedom, an army of patriots who love America, have faith in God, and on pursuit of defending every American’s freedom rights. I Love My Freedom is a patriotic e-commerce company that went from zero orders to over 1 million orders in just over two years. Join us as we dive deep into politics, digital marketing, e-commerce business, and the journey to success with Jack Murphy.

[7:20] Why should we listen to you?

Jack’s journey has always been anchored by his passion. He has learned and grown in the digital marketing industry and has built over 1.3 million orders in two and a half years. With his experience, he has so much interesting takeaways, especially about marketing aspects that he could impart and hopefully will inspire and motivate others.

[8:35] Story of how things came to fruition

Growing up, Jack always wanted to be a professional football athlete. Influenced by his grandfather, an NFL coach, he grew up going to all the games and being in that environment. Jack has always been passionate about football. During his elementary years, he started building websites online, just for fun. Eventually, Jack ended up building his own motivational sports brand during his high school years.

[9:38] One of Jack’s many influences is Donald Trump. When Trump run for president, Jack had that gut feeling that Trump would win, just seeing the charisma he had brought to the boring game of politics. He was inspired to build something similar to sports, but with Pro-Trump political collaterals, essentially. 

[10:17] Jack grew passionate about business, the internet, and politics. In 2018, he ended up partnering with two incredible people, and together they built

[12:28] What is the idea behind the name I Love My Freedom?

I Love My Freedom initially commenced as a news website before Jack was around. Eventually, he got on board as a writer for I Love My Freedom, and simultaneously, he was buying ad space on that site for his brands. When he met his business partners, they brainstormed and came up with shifting the gears and transforming the site into e-comm site.

[13:36] The vision of I Love My Freedom is to get patriotic products into the hands of as many people as possible coupled with the core foundation of God, guns, and freedom.

[16:19] Lessons you have learned in your journey that you think the world would benefit from knowing

Growing up, Jack had a very close relationship with his grandfather. As he describes it, they were each other’s best friends. His grandfather has taught him many things, but the most impactful to him is the essence of appreciating life and treating every day like it’s the last. 

[18:13] I Love My Freedom constantly adapts to the fast pace industry of digital marketing. They value innovation, never stay complacent, and always stay on top of the game. Over the years, Jack has been exposed to different areas and facets of their business, from going through all the hurdles on the digital front, operations front, supply chain, and learning the nitty-gritty of the business’s financial aspects. 

[18:39] Do you have any worries as you put yourself kind of out more in the forefront and people connect a face to the products in the brand

Jack does not like to dip into waters where there’s a lot of differentiation now. But at the end of the day, as they progress, these things naturally unfold.

[22:17] Where do you see the brand going, the business going, and then too what would you deem as success you’re seeking? 

Jack’s goal is to reach a hundred million in gross revenue a day before he turns 26. The business continues to build this loyal following, efficiently assisting and providing quality service to their customers. Through their brand, they aim to reach out to people who are struggling, feeling unheard, and want to express themselves.

[27:18] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

Jack has massive plans here, which ultimately boils down to making a valuable impact in the country. I Love My Freedom is hopeful to change lives and impact people that need it.

Key Quotes

[16:59-17:19] “I think that’s what a lot of people are missing is people are ungrateful people. Get upset about little stupid things. And that’s just kinda the culture that we’re in. But I think just having an appreciation for everything is kind of the first and most important thing that’s kind of helped me stay positive, stay hungry, and continue to grow.”

[25:21-25:27] “I think that’s one of the most important things to life. And a lot of people miss that is just building positive momentum.”

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