“Good job kid!” Do you know how often people used to tell me that? Often…maybe even too often. But you see, it was never enough for my kind of hunger, it just left me wanting more. I went from person to person, trying to ‘one-up’ myself, until I became the person telling others that they did a good job. Think of mediocrity as a hole where a lot of people tend to fall in because they are too afraid of failure and change. And that dark place, that hole…it becomes their home. Their fears and delusions start to grow roots, and they keep growing strong like mushrooms in a cave, constantly surrounded and fed by darkness. They’ve been in that place for so long that they forgot what sunlight looks like. You’ll never know what kind of things you can plant and grow outside of that cave if you don’t make the risk of getting out. Don’t be afraid of the Sun just because it burns from time to time. Go towards it because it sustains all that is alive and breathing.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks