In today’s episode, our guest is Frederick Bussey. He is a writer, speaker, coach, creative, and serial entrepreneur. He helps leaders and organizations unleash their hidden potential and connect more powerfully with their ideal clients. He helps his clients gain extreme clarity of purpose, execute with greater precision and consistently perform at the highest level. This person is passionate about helping business owners create more leverage, generate more impact, and ultimately realize a more fulfilling level of success. Today, he will share with us how he helped struggling entrepreneurs scale their businesses to live the life they dreamed about.

[4:47] Why should we listen to you?

I’m interested in people. I want to know what people are up to. What makes them tick, their story, and what their dreams are. And I believe that my role is to help people see what’s possible to tap into those dreams. I learned to be patient, be in the moment, and listen. It is sometimes what people need; to feel pain, and many don’t feel that way.

[06:39] When you work with people, do you find sometimes they get that soft on the inside going on?

Absolutely. As entrepreneurs, we talk a lot about imposter syndrome and that kind of thing. We always defer to the lowest level of our training, and our programming, and our mind. A lot of people managers are stuck in that space. It’s difficult to believe the best things about yourself when we typically focus on those lowest negative thoughts that drive us crazy. 

[08:07] What is your go-to starting point where they should make a move?

We always talked about getting out of your way. The reason we’re in our own way is that we believe that we are, in some ways, we overestimate the impact we’re supposed to have. And we underestimate the fact that we can have in the world. We had to dive in and figure out where that root is and then unhook it from your ship. You can seek and let go. You can move forward and create the momentum to accelerate

[10:32 ] How did you figure it out?

A couple of years ago, I realized that everything that I’ve been building towards even working in the music industry. I was helping to kind of tap into my gift. The discovery process allowed me to realize I could do it more powerfully in this way than all the other ways that I’ve been trying before, unveil for me why I wasn’t delighted. I made this choice actually to invest in a coach instead of paying the rent. I don’t believe that I have a solution. He sent me a message back that just changed everything from me. He said God doesn’t make people without answers.

[18:10] How does the book unpack and like roll through the flow of somebody finding that?

I talk about how it is that we don’t understand what a gift is. A skill is not a gift—it is something that you learn. When you go to school, it’s up to the learner to develop a skill; it is a way of doing something. And so if you have to learn it, or if you can acquire it, then it can’t be given to you. You can do something that only you can do; the only way you can do it is in you from birth. I talked about in the book how Dr. George land did a study where he was studying creativity and children. He realized using tests that 90% of these children are born on a genius level of creativity. A gift is our ability to create an impact in the world in a unique way. Most of us never discover that because we are taught to abandon what society or the world sees as valuable.

[24:26] The big thing about writing this book is that I felt more and more compelled to write it because these are things that people don’t hear. And I didn’t realize that people didn’t listen to it, even though I didn’t even know it myself. 

[26”52] The thing that this book uncovered, and the writing process of writing, was just that the end is already guaranteed.  Your purpose is in your gift, and it is made to create an impact. 

[29:06] Future Analogy

I would describe our gift as the type of container associated with the function we’re supposed to have in the world. If we think about all those experiences that go into our lives, right, we’re shaped to hold a particular type of container experiences. We’re also designed to pour those experiences out to share them with other people. And the way that that that comes out with a water hose, a water hose is a container in some ways it transports water from so everything that we have, everything was designed was a certain way.

[32:05]  What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I’m going to show you I’m going to be able to tell you, you can discover what that means. I was here to translate the meaning to help people understand what it all means, but not all of it. But we can do whatever I can.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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