In today’s episode, our guest is Eric Balance, an entrepreneur, public speaker, Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, and digital marketing consultant who helps companies expand their online space leading to a wildly profitable business. Eric helps some top names in the industry monetize their knowledge online and assist them in building a brand around themselves so they can achieve the freedom and fulfilment they deserve. Join us in this fascinating episode with Eric Balance, as he shares his insights on his journey of finding the “more” in life.

[5:26] You probably weren’t raised this way. How did you get here?

Eric has always been introspective and fascinated with how life works. He was not convinced that we just exist to get by. At an early age, he became skeptical, started having questions, and became focused on the pursuit of finding the “more” about life.

[10:00]  For many years, Eric worked in the oil and gas industry, and money motivated him to stay in the field for a little while. Eventually, he realized that he was worth more, and he is capable of doing more. Eric has various work experiences in different industries, which allowed him to understand that these experiences were adding to his toolbox. His exposure and work experiences developed Eric’s skills. He excels in sales and is great at building rapport with others, communicating, and connecting with others, especially concerning emotion.

 [11:24] Coming to that realization, Eric decided to become a mindset coach. The physical aspect was a by-product of that pursuit.

[17:26] What does it mean when you talk about being conscious of doing the work?

Every day, our bodies are tuned in to what we have been conditioned. Eventually, that becomes the unconscious mind which develops into a routine. These routines have become so unconscious that we don’t even seek for more, and we just do the same things repeatedly.

[19:52] Imagine yourself as a tool. Every tool has a manual. When you only read 10% of the manual, you’ll not maximize and just neglect other special features of the tool. Using this analogy, if you start to tap into the 90% of your body – the mind and spirit, you will begin to live a life with a high level of consciousness, resulting in a more fulfilled life.

[26:49] Do you feel like that will allow creativity happened?

Whatever season you are in life, permit yourself to use these creative forces within you as a four-score possibility. And don’t think that you always need to know what the outcome will be. Just believe enough that you’re going, and you’re doing the best you can with the knowledge you have today.

Key Quotes

[16:07-16:15] “This is the feeling of vulnerability that I am having right now. And it’s okay for you to have that too.”

[21:51-21:59] “Allow yourself to break a pattern in yourself that creates a new understanding that gives you a new level of courage.”

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