AS35: The Growth Now Movement w/Justin Schenck


There is something incredibly powerful about the people in your life that are able to continuously show up. I’m incredibly excited to speak to one of those individuals today, Justin Schenck, an incredible podcaster amongst many other things. Justin started as a kid with the odds stacked against him, having one parent in jail and one addicted to opioids. Through his life experiences, he has been able to pull himself out of the gutter that others expected him to wind up in. It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is what you do right now to create a better tomorrow for yourself. Remember, one voice can make a difference in this crazy world!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Justin’s unpacked professional bio
  • How Justin got to where he is right now from humble beginnings
  • Knowing that things you say and do can affect the world
  • Surrounding yourself with people who will provide support and accountability
  • Having the ability to continuously show up
  • Forgiving yourself and the people that have hurt you in your life
  • Staying accountable to yourself so that you can grow
  • Giving out great things for great things to come back in return
  • Different ways to shortcut the process to a better life
  • Looking past the pain to pull from the good that is inside
  • Experiencing his aw shift moment when Justin’s mother passed away


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Written by : Anthony Trucks