AS02: Making Shift Happen w/ Khaled Elmasri

We are here to talk to another amazing human being about good, this is awesome, and bad, oh crap, aw shift moments. Our guest today, Khaled Elmasri, has been through both of those. My goal is to pick his brain about how he navigated those up and down moments in his life. Hopefully, you can take little nuggets of advice that you hear on this podcast in order to help you through your aw shift moments. Stay tuned to have your mind blown!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Khaled’s story
  • Ways people hurt themselves just to fit in
  • Seeking help in order to get better
  • Determining what you want to be remembered for
  • Knowing who you are in order to anchor your identity
  • Having a conversation with yourself when making a huge life shift
  • Using previous experience to make your steps (shifts) easier
  • Adjusting to life after a shift
  • Believing in yourself when making a shift so that you can develop confidence
  • Don’t be afraid to be imperfect when trying new things
  • Importance of having a mentor
  • Parting advice from Khaled on making a shift

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Written by : Anthony Trucks