AS01: My Unknown Pregnancy with Liz Hronek

Today I have someone who has an incredible story and has defied all of the odds, Elizabeth Hronek. Her path has put her on national television, international magazines, and in the minds and hearts of people all over the world. We are going to go through Elizabeth’s life, covering the highs and lows of her path that got her to where she is today. Stay tuned to hear about her “Aw shift” moments that changed her life and may help change yours!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Elizabeth’s “Aw shift this sucks” moment
  • Developing self-love out of self-hate
  • Treating your body like the temple that it is
  • Realizing your purpose and what you can do for the world
  • Aspects of truly realizing your worth
  • The biggest things that most people miss when getting into shape
  • Step by step what you need to achieve your fitness goals
  • Taking steps instead of taking leaps

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Forever Weight Loss

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Written by : Anthony Trucks