In this episode, our guest is Emily Mishler. She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Cultivated Group. She specializes in business development, creative & brand strategy, strategic planning, and fundraising. Emily launched her first company at the age of 22 and has since raised and distributed over $20M of private investment for private clients, for-profit entities, and NGOs. Today, she will share with us her journey and how she overcame the obstacles and became the successful woman she is now.

Emily’s current activities


At the moment, I’m based in India and I love to travel which is a big part of my story. I also don’t believe that I’ve quite mastered but I love a good pivot. So I lean into the art of creative living. I run three different companies at the moment and I just recently became an author.

Why should we listen to you?


I think sometimes we can be our own biggest obstacle and I am living proof and living example of not only the road less traveled but also learning how to get the hell out of my own way. And being able to shine the light on that and to not only shine the light but really live that out through example on to the businesses that we’re building and the impact that we have in this world through those companies and not only that but our everyday interactions. I think it’s worth a listen.

What are the 3 companies you are part of?


It’s called The Cultivated Group. We run three different consulting firms, two of which are very similar for startups and for nonprofits, they’re two different substances. What we do is all business development. So it’s connecting, we work on only impact-based projects to make the world better. 


What we do is all creative so it’s the way that I like to think of it. It is the creative bucket. It is parts web development, parts social media management, parts, creative endeavors, and parts boutique publishing firm.


Where did this all begin?


There were a series of doors that just kind of flew open. I’ve always been much more of a yes person and much more of a leader towards the sign of optimism and opportunity than I am someone who’s going to completely shut something down full force. I was always curious as a kid and just leaned into whatever was happening at the time. I had a turbulent childhood and it really made me realize how important helping to plant seeds for the next generation is going to be throughout my life.


It’s been just a series of right choices, doing the right thing, and following the right feeling. And just saying yes to opportunities.


I eventually wanted to get a Master’s and ended up doing that there was a master’s in business will with a philanthropic specialization. I was leaning into that and I realized that I didn’t really want to just solve one problem, I didn’t really want to just be a part of one conversation, the world needs more than that. And I understood the case for specialization and I completely understand the case for focusing on one problem and driving full force towards that. But that’s just not the way that I’m wired so rather than continuing to fight that, I leaned in and got curious.

Trusting Life


I have always erred on the side of Trusting Life. The way that I think about spirituality, connectedness and the world is through that lens. I believe we’re all connected, we are all here, and we all have a purpose and mission to fulfill and a part of my life’s purpose is being expressed through these companies and through the work that I’m doing, but also through the exploration that’s given me that’s led me to these answers and the solutions.


I think a lot of times in our lives, we’re presented with opportunities and we don’t necessarily want to see them and we don’t want that opportunity to be an option because that feels like it will completely unravel the entire existence that we’ve just built up. But what we don’t know is that life does have a plan and all we need to do is follow the breadcrumbs.

Playing with Life


Life throws and wrenches sometimes. You just have to see where you’re at and keep on your toes. I think that there’s an inherent playfulness to life so if you lean into it, it becomes more of a game and more of playful interaction with life into the challenges that sometimes feel like obstacles but is really helping you to grow and learn whatever you need to get further along the path that you’re meant for.



I’ve had some of the most devastating moments while also having the most beautiful and honorable moments. I chose to pivot and push myself past what I knew to be possible at the time and what I knew myself to be capable of which also was interesting because it provided an example for my close friends and family that I had allowed him to that space, provided them an example of what was otherwise possible too.

Making Enemies


Watching somebody else go for it while you are while you’re still continuing to turn the same stories but you have been training for a really long time and choose actively choosing whether it’s conscious or to not move forward from that can be super triggering. 

Do you find it gets easier over time?


No, but you get stronger and you learn to identify generally what’s for you and what’s not. Your gauge gets stronger as your mental physical spiritual muscles also get stronger. But no, I’ve been confronted especially recently as I’ve continued this self-discovery journey, but also the entrepreneurial journey. 

Where do you see your book in the future with the issue you want to solve?


Kids should believe in themselves that they can do anything that I wish that I would have been able to have as a child despite all of the different circumstances that life presents you especially. Not only do they have the normal challenges of being a kid and figuring that out, but they also have a much more limited social interaction.  From that, an emotional and cognitive development perspective is different than anything we’ve ever seen. 


We’re hoping to change the world from the inside out planting seeds of self-belief in kids, giving them life lessons, giving them access to tools, and giving them access to travel through these books, because right now, it’s looking a little bit different than it ever has.

Do you see a Pivot in the Future?


I do. A lot of people said that they really love the messages of the book. What I’ve realized within the companies that we’re running right now is that I don’t want to be in charge of all the operations and everything to have to do with the entire operation from point A to point B at all times so I definitely eventually see a pivot.

What promise did God make to the world when He created you?


My initial response is love. We’re all friends from all places and all spaces.


Key Quotes:

[7:41-7:72] “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

[13:53-13:56] “My job is to throw the first pitch the universe takes care of the rest.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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