Let me tell you a story about a girl who wanted to become a cook more than anything. She would cook and create recipes every single day, which has made her the happiest. She dreamt about owning her own restaurant and writing a cookbook filled with her own recipes one day. Everything was going amazing for her, until she started looking at other people’s

dreams and slowly drifted away from her own. She wasn’t sure if she was good enough anymore, as she saw other people choose better or safer career paths. So, what did she decide to do? She quit cooking and went to law school. After a decade, a very decent paycheck and

an amazing house in the suburbs, she still felt like life wasn’t good enough. Do you know what her story is called? Fear. It’s called fear.

Choosing a path that is maybe different is not a reason to doubt in yourself or your capabilities. Today, that girl, who is now a woman, is cooking every day, just published her first recipe book and is happier than she’s ever been. It took her some time to get back to herself but she managed to do it. Sadly, not a lot of people can.

Never let go of your dreams because you will be letting go of a huge part of yourself. Live this one life as you wish to and you’ll see for yourself that’s the best you will ever do.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks