In today’s episode, we have invited Dr. Sonja Stribling. She was a high-ranking military officer for 21 years. She’s currently on tour, doing some interesting stuff. But the most important aspect is that she appears to have a large heart, serves, and plays big, but she also doesn’t have a very professional level. Dr. Sonja works with women who want to start a business from their kitchen table because, nowadays, everyone is at their kitchen table doing either work or eating, and they are doing a lot more of it than they should with a pandemic.

[6:41] Why should we listen to you?

It’d be more why should we have a conversation with each other because we’re in the same place at the same time, more than likely thinking about our future and what it is that we want to do with our lives or more. 

 it’d be more Why should we have a conversation with each other because we’re in the same place at the same time, more than likely thinking about our future and what it is that we want to do with our lives or more. So like you’re doing now helping other people get to their next level? 

[7:52] Military

I went into the military because I had a son to take care of. And I had my first child at 15 years old. I’m the youngest of 12 kids and I do not want to stay in Arkansas because I just didn’t want to just be there. I knew that there was more you know, and when I joined it was like, I gotta get out of here. But I always knew I wanted to join.

[8:30] Thank goodness for my mom, she took care of my son while I was in college. When I finished my four years I didn’t graduate because I didn’t know back then I needed two more or three more credits to graduate. So I joined the military listed later, went on to Officer Candidate School after I finished my degree. When I joined it was something that I wanted to do. And I had an idea I would stay 20 years but I didn’t have an idea of the accomplishments that I would get while I was on active duty.

[9:38] What made you stay for 21 years?

Being a woman, and then being a woman of color, amongst the boys it was challenging at times, but again, I had a family to take care of. It was more about the benefits that I was getting, and I was able to travel the world. And we were building a family together and all of those things. I knew I did not want to go back to Arkansas. And so I decided to stay. I went through the ranks very quickly. They just took out what was already on the inside of me and helped me get to the next level.

[12:11] Going into business

The government tells us or a military, get a government job, get a second retirement, go work for the post office, and all that. I’ve always felt like I was an entrepreneur even when I was on active duty. I open my own restaurant, started real estate to start buying properties. So I felt that entrepreneurial pool on me. But I didn’t really know what it was like because I couldn’t do it full time. And so when I retired, I said I’m not going to go get a job. I’m going to start my own business full-time. I finished my Ph.D. and became a counselor.

[13:38] Before I went into business helping other women build their businesses, I was helping women through the process of divorce.

[15:24] The transition took place because I didn’t really think of it as a business. I thought of as I’m just going to help women. 

[17:15] What’s the tour about?

It’s not just about business, it is more about how do you manifest more of what you want in your life. You’re manifesting, but are you manifesting the things that you want. So I decided to do this on my power and really shape and think or help women think about what it is that they want and how to go after it. People want it. They have great intentions. But most of them are not action takers.

[18:48] Ideal person to work with

It’s really that high achieving woman or wants to be a high achieving woman that is at a place where she wants more. She wants more in life, she wants more in her business, she wants better relationships. But it’s not about relationships. It’s about again, manifesting what it is that you want, and really understanding what power that you hold within. 

[23:22] Fast forward to three years

I am literally at this point have a more another onto my business for real estate for my three children. Just having something more of a legacy for my boys is one. The other thing I am probably relaxing even more and allowing money to make my money to make money for me.

[28:48] What promise did God make to the world when He created you? 

That I would give you someone who was passionate about the gift that I gave her and it’s more about how she helps someone else than it is about her getting to where she wants to go and even more so as she goes on this journey of where I’m taking her she’s going to take even more people and women with her.

Key Quotes:

[11:15-11:29] “When I went to the military, I had experienced some things that most 22-year-olds hadn’t experienced at that time. So for me, it was my pathway out not saying it’s the only pathway. But for me, it helped me and allowed me to do some things I probably would have done if I would have stayed home.”

[17:51-17:59] “A lot of people in business yourself want it. They have great intentions. But most of them are not action takers.”

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