In this episode, our guest is Dr. Ruth Mary Allan, an executive coach, professional speaker, and trainer. She is the Lead Certified Brain Health Professional in the UK, trained by the Amen Clinics, a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, and Certified High-Performance Coach. Ruth is passionate about helping individuals who have lost connection with who they are, reconnect with their best self so they can effectively lead their family and team to the next level of performance and potential and step into their greatness. She has over 25 years of coaching and mentoring experience, facilitating the recovery and boosting the performance of individuals, projects, and teams.


[5:58]Why should we listen to you?

A reason why you should listen to me is that I’m genuinely a nice person. I meet people where they’re at, without any baggage and preconceptions. I try and make my way around and help people discover stuff they don’t realize is going on in their lives and give them that lever to step into their best self again. I’m one of the people who love to listen and help you discover what you’re truly made of and push you to get to that next level in life.


[7:09]What lead you to have a Ph.D. in Medical Imaging and Spectroscopy?

I was always interested in science as a kid. I was choosing between becoming a doctor and a medical doctor and doing physics. When I was a kid, I told myself that I wasn’t intelligent enough to become a doctor, and I didn’t have the memory capacity to do that. I chose physics because it’s more on formula and not much memory required. You just have to apply what you learn. That’s what started me in my physics field.


I started on a four-year degree and ended up spending seven years at university in the end because I just loved it so much. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just wanted to get more education. I wanted to go into imaging the brain when I was looking for a Ph.D., and I stumbled across the Ph.D. on Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy. I had no idea what it was about, and it was a new field of study, so I dove straight into it. After all, I was interested in looking at cancer because my grandmother died of breast cancer. I wanted to do something meaningful from a medical perspective.

[10:30]Entering the Corporate World

I joined the firm because I wanted to get back to medical imaging. That was really where my passion was, and I wanted to get back to life science and healthcare. I wanted to explore. I’d always been a consultant and a contractor running my own business, and I wanted to experience life in the corporate world. I also wanted to have a family. That was my motive to join this company.


[12:59]What was the motivation for High-Performance Coaching?

I realized that it wasn’t just me. The framework I use for my clients was born as I felt the business wasn’t looking at the facts behind what was happening to me.


I just realized that I needed to break free and discover my best self. My whole vision for my business was to help other people harness their potential, and I wasn’t doing it for myself. I went on this transformational journey with coaching, and one of the drivers behind joining the corporate world was to get professional coaching.


[17:49]How did the coaching start?

I had some people coming to me. My friends came to me, and then I just built it from there. I built my connections with the Amen clinics and became certified as a coach through the Amen University. But on the way, my husband and I were able to realize our dreams of ski touring across the French Alps. It turned out that it wasn’t just him and I ski touring. Eight months later, our daughter Lily was born.


That kind of really shifted me into helping my clients in the business space and helping people who have kids who are struggling with their brain health.


[19:14]What do you think is unique about the figured out mentality?

Everything is kind of figure out-able. You’ve just got to have the patience to do it. The only person that gets in your way in terms of progress is you. No one else gets in your way because other people may tell you you’re not capable. You don’t have to listen to them. It’s your choice as to what you choose to listen to and what you don’t.


From a military perspective, we’ve been part of expeditions climbing unclimbed peaks in Greenland. You never know if you’re going to get to the top. You have to have faith, belief, determination, and strength. Know that even if you don’t get there, there will always be another way. 


[20:49]Do you have hope for what’s currently going on?

In this situation, I have hope. We have the opportunity to change. We’ve got a real opportunity to make a shift. It’s about whether we’ve got the willingness to do that. We’ve seen the power of the people in this pandemic. We’ve had phenomenal success by everybody pulling together to get people vaccinated. We’re now over two-thirds of the population has been received their first vaccination. That’s a phenomenal achievement in the space of a year when we’ve gone from not knowing what to do with no solution in sight to where we are today.


We’ve shown how successful as a race we can be when we work together and when we connect not just physically, but through the power of zoom and all the other available platforms, the power that we have to share our message and make a real difference to other people’s lives.


It’s now time for people to stand up, make their voices heard, and make it count and give that power back to people that they feel lost due to the pandemic.


[23:13]How do you see yourself showing up for the next six months?

The most important thing for me is to help people unchain their pain and using havening. I’ve noticed with my clients that you can give people all the tools in the world, but if they’re held back from past pain and can’t let it go, it’s like being on a bungee cord. You’re running forward to your destination and get yanked back again. You have to break those chains to make that progress forward.



The great thing about havening is that it uses the power of the human touch to help you unchain yourself from emotional pain that you may have experienced from your past or your experience in your present. It’s a very similar approach to other therapies like EMDR. The great thing is you can empower the person to do the work on themselves.


Everybody at every age is struggling to some degree. The power of havening gives you back that ability to release some of the emotional charges you may have from day-to-day anxiety or stress.


When I was at rock bottom, it’s hard to get out of bed. It’s hard to lift your feet and put them on the floor. Your emotional energy and negative energy leaks out whether you like it or not. When you bury it, it has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just dissipate. It comes out in the form of anger for some people. For others, it may come out in the form of skin conditions. It leaks out of your body because there’s a limit.


Havening is a great tool to help people manage their emotions, take back control of their mindset, and help them break free of the ones that aren’t helping and leverage those that are, and empower them to move forward.


[27:46]What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

When He created me, He promised to help people win back their power to step into their best selves. To show people how they can take back control of their power is through techniques such as havening and health coaching to break free of the things that prevent them from showing up as their best self.


Key Quotes

[9:51-9:57] “When you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got no idea where you’re going on and how to get there.”

[22:54-23:02] “People need something to lift them, to lift their spirits, and to raise them out of the ashes.”

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