Life sometimes has a way of turning up the temperature and we often tend to want to run away from the heat. And you know what, I get that it’s hot and heavy, almost unbearable…but running or jumping out of the car is probably the worst thing you can do. Are you just going to leave your car like that? Are you just going to leave your life like that? Of course not, because you have no other ‘life’ to hide in. Whatever part of living is ‘hot and heavy’ at the moment, there are far better things to do when the going gets tough… or hot. Talk to whoever you need to talk to, ask whatever needs to be asked and say whatever needs to be said. Respectfully, kindly and politely. And yeah, one more thing. Imagine the environment outside of the car being hot as well…meaning you’d just be a crazy person who jumped out of a moving car for no reason. Think about the environment you’re in as well, think about how it may affect you at one point or another. Don’t just look at the world through ‘it’s hot’ or ‘it’s cold… one-day temperature will be just right.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks