There’s not a person in this World who doesn’t like receiving compliments, which is completely normal and kinda keeps us stay determined on whatever we were so flattered by. But as much as we like it on our own skin, it’s also a nice feeling making the people around us feel that special as well. Just think about it.

Your 2-second comment could actually make or break someone’s day. ‘Hey Tom, that was a really good game last night, I’m so proud of you, keep going man!’ is an example of what could make Tom feel even better today.

Imagine if we were only a little bit kinder to one another, we’d all be much happier as a society. I’m not asking you to lie to people and give them nice comments just for the sake of them feeling good but praise their effort, that’s what will keep them going even if they have failed. Words matter more than you think, so instead of using them as bullets, let’s try to inspire one another. Kindness never harmed a single soul, so start spreading yours today.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks