We all come from very different places in this World and something that I went through might not be familiar to you. Something that you went through might not be familiar to Susie, which is why everything that we’ve ever gone through can’t be defined. Only one person was there to realize it.
Imagine that there was this painter who lived 200 years ago. And when his mother died he decided to pay a tribute to her by painting something she loved when she was alive. A big green oak tree. He painted a huge painting of the big green oak tree and put it out for all the land to see. So, that piece of art has meaning to him, however, 200 years later, that painting ended up being in a museum. A couple of kids come around and here is Susie again. She goes “wow, this picture reminds me of nature, it reminds me of balance too.” Then comes John and says “well this picture actually reminds me of heights and lows and however far the tree grows you can keep on climbing it because it’s ours to climb”. And then there are some who just see one big green oak tree. No one can define your path or situation, only you can do that on your own.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks