Do you ever ask yourself, why do we take so long to make up our minds sometimes? Big or small, it feels like whatever we do, we’ll end up regretting it or asking ourselves ‘what if’. But that’s not really the truth and let me tell you why.

You will never genuinely make ‘the right’ choice because the circumstances or the overall outcome will eventually impact someone or something. You’ll never make an ‘everybody wins’ scenario because there are things that are beyond our control, and a plain decision from one individual can do only so much. So, don’t get stuck in this ‘decision making black hole’ and simply do what feels right at the time.

And if it doesn’t work out, there’s only one thing to do. Except for the situation and roll with it. Remember this, 10% of circumstances you’re in influence our lives and their outcomes, however, 90% of it is what we do under those same circumstances. There is no good or bad decision, there are only lessons to be learned.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks