In today’s episode, our guest is David Strickel, CEO of David Strickel Media, Bestselling Author, Radio Host, Creator of the TYA Mindset Practice. David receives collective higher consciousness from the Stream, a community of non-physical creatures. Their goal is to connect with individuals drawn to their message and guide them to a higher purpose on this planet, a life of genuine clarity and abundance. Today, he’ll discuss how we may implement TYA into our life to have an awakening and become the best version of ourselves as a result of that experience

[5:29] Why should we listen to you?

We have repeatedly demonstrated with people worldwide that we can help you transform your life. And by transform, I mean my top three priorities: joy, clarity, and abundance. 

[7:24] What does TYA stand for? What is this practice?

My involvement with TYA began with a fundamental knowledge of universal creation, sometimes known as the law of attraction. What about 10 to 15 years ago, when everyone seemed to have found the law of attraction? And I believe that when everyone read it, they were enthralled by it because it reminded them of things in their lives that they were aware they attracted. They were aware that they were in sync with something that had occurred, both good and unpleasant. They began to attempt to be more deliberate with it after that. Many people felt frustrated, and others opted to delve deeper and deeper into its study. As a result, they have become lifetime students of the law of attraction. 

[8:41] What was your idea of being able to attract things?

My idea of attracting things was just a hunch, a random thought that came to me. I also had other notions, which I gradually started to grasp as I grew older. Everyone was either not getting these thoughts or wasn’t paying attention to them. And I believe it was the latter. It was drilled into you to pay attention. I grew up with a lot of independence, so I created my operating system. And in some respects, that aided me in some ways; in others, it was a significant barrier, you know, in school and things like that. 

[10:22] What’s the secret?

The secret is simply a book about the law of attraction; it was compiled and packaged beautifully using material from various other teachers. It has now gone on to become one of the most popular books of all time. So, I’m not knocking the book; it’s just that the way it was packaged and presented made it so unique. The concept for me was that the law of attraction is always in effect. It’s similar to gravity. 

[10:43] How do we attract things?

I grew up in a disadvantaged family. Growing up, he believed that money was the answer to all problems. I used to think that if I had a lot of money, I would be the happiest person on the planet. When I was old enough, I began to amass the possessions that I had formerly admired in other children. The only problem is that I was so concentrated on getting these worldly possessions that I neglected other elements of my life. 

[11:53] I realized that just because you’ve turned 40 doesn’t mean you’ve succeeded. But when you hit 40, you start to evaluate your life, like what’s good about the fact that your life is potentially half over? What will the rest of the story be like? That it isn’t until we reach middle age that we begin to consider these issues seriously. 

[12:37] What inspired you to start over?

Someone else who channels influenced me. That other individual made everything a lot less strange for me. Because I’d go to psychics, and they’d tell me that I was a channel through which I could share timeless wisdom. And I thought to myself, “OK, that sounds religious.” And I was reared in a religious household, so I wasn’t interested. I’m not a fan of all the judging, rules, and other nonsense.

[13:22] But there are these recurring themes of clarity, which I’ve begun to weave together. They’re also very logical. They’re also assisting me in a significant way. So I went about correcting my own life, genuinely going deep and paying heed to my inner understanding. I experienced what you term Kundalini awakening, but many people call it that. 

[13:46] What is Kundalini Awakening?

When you enable a connection to what we call source to be realized, kundalini awakening is a discharge of energy in your body. If you haven’t had one yet, don’t go hunting for one. You can’t just walk out and look for it. But it’s something that happens to many individuals. When it does, many people might refer to it as a spiritual awakening. I wasn’t under the influence of anything. I wasn’t taking any form of herbal supplement. I wasn’t at a formal event. I wasn’t conversing with a guru or anything. I was sitting in my family room in a recliner, simply trying to clear my head.

[14:21] Why are you intrigued by this experience?

It has always piqued my interest, but I didn’t feel that the answers were readily available. I had the impression that the answers were hidden within myself. In every aspect, I’m a self-taught individual. When I enter meditation, a great awakening occurs, and an energy discharge occurs at the base of my spine. It’s nearly orgasmic, for lack of a better description, but not in the sense that it’s all over and it electrifies you. That electrification continues to this day. And I refer to what exists beyond the physical as the source of awareness rather than a deity. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with you or anyone’s belief system or whatever you want to call it. I think we all have that consciousness that created the earth and all of us in us. Yeah. And it isn’t necessarily what many people believe it to be.

[15:25] I used that knowledge to improve everything I wanted to change, and one of them was my health. It was about fitness; I weaved in and out of fitness excursions by once weighing over 300 pounds, but now I’m far healthier than I’ve ever been. I was on oxy cotton at the time. I used this to get off of that at one point. I’ve never been a big drug user. However, I was completely reliant on oxy cotton for a year.

[15:50] I used this approach to come off of it without needing to go to rehab or anything. I resonate with all great things like getting out of a job I didn’t like, continuing to generate money and financial prosperity, and finding the love of my life and higher vibrating friends. A precise knowledge of humans, to be sure. So I eventually concluded that I wanted to start teaching it to the rest of the world.

[16:40] How do you deal with those who are critical of your work?

They don’t bother me. Nothing is going to change. A big part of this discipline is about not passing judgment on other people’s pasts. So I don’t try to preach when folks are pounding their heads against the wall, fresh in frustration. I’m doing a podcast about it and talking to folks about it. However, if someone is listening to this, they may believe it is all nonsense or that bs is not for them. That is something with which I am entirely at ease because I respect and appreciate everyone’s route and journey. 

[18:19] Did you have any struggle starting?

We have done barely any marketing since we founded the Thai Academy about four years ago. We use social media and other such tools. However, I have a podcast, which most folks who join our programs listen to. To scale this as a business, we must begin marketing. We put this thing out in marketing on Facebook, and the trolling started right away. This individual is a thief and a criminal. I’m not as frightened by such things as I used to be. It’s still a bit unsettling. You come up with all this hate and say, “I’m paying to put it out there.”

[21:02] What exactly is Channeling?

Consider your gut feeling. Consider a moment when you’re not trying to meditate or looking for something, but you’re doing something you enjoy and are calmly doing that requires a tiny amount of your attention. It is a beautiful space, almost meditative.

[21:45] Consider how you feel in that area, how many fantastic thoughts and creativity appear out of nowhere in your head. It’s an element of your consciousness, and that element of your consciousness is why I call it source.

[23:48] Channeling

I’m channeling that eternal consciousness version of myself that comes within me. I’ve started teaching others how to alter their life with this knowledge, and it’s working. Everything, I suppose, has the power that we give it. That’s how the law of attraction works if you’re religious and provide that spiritual strength, and you pray and think it will work for you. For me, this is the message of the streams. The streams’ statement has never stumped them because it’s incredibly plain and concise. And it links the dots if you relax into it and listen to what they teach with an open mind, and I say they because I feel it comes from somewhere beyond me. 

[24:51] I enjoy channeling and then reflecting on what we’ve learned from what I’ve directed. I’ve never sought to position myself as a guru since I’m a flawed human being. I’m the first to talk about it on my show; nonetheless, I still have issues. I still face challenges, have ups and downs in business, and experience ups and downs in life because life is all about it.

[25:57] What inspires us to create?

Usually, it’s a lack of something, a barrier, a difficulty, or something we’d like to progress through. That is motivation and why I talk about vibrational flow rather than the law of attraction because the vibrational flow is the type of energy that drives emotions. And we’re all in astrology, which is rooted in that vibrational flow. I’m going to get into astrology, but astrology is rooted in that vibrational flow. As a result, if you were born on a specific day or year, you may share certain features with other people. And as a result, individuals have particular experiences. 

[27:26] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

The promise of perfection amid imperfection.

Key Quotes

[06:18 – 06:25] “Joy is about loving yourself, loving all of humanity, loving life just being joyful for no specific reason.”

[17:32 – 17:38] “I do believe we all have our own independent bubble of reality that we create, based on our reaction.”

[22:02 – 22:08] “I do believe we are all connected as a collective consciousness, all of creation is and especially all of humanity.”

[29:06 – 29:16] “When you claim your power to create. You’re not moving to a space where you never have another obstacle or another challenge in life. You’re moving into a space of deep appreciation of all of it.”


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