In today’s episode, our guest is Darrell Patterson. He is the founder and C.E.O. of HEATXtreme and is an international fitness trainer and nutrition specialist who specializes in changing lives one pound at a time. Patterson is also the creator of Hardcore Extreme Active Training, known to many as H.E.A.T. This program is a uniquely orchestrated group of exercises designed to exert the body to its extreme capacity through a continuous nonstop movement 30 minutes class. His mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. Today, he will talk with us about staying healthy, the importance of investing in ourselves, and taking care of our health for the long term.


[5:08] Why Should I listen to you?

I can change your life. I can have a conversation with you that may have you looking at life a little differently. One thing that I’m solely about is positive energy pouring into yourself, so you can be a better person. When you get to talk with people, everybody’s busy, and they don’t have enough time on your hands. I try to install in people about pouring into yourself because the return on your investment is irreplaceable. It’s priceless.


Long Term Health


When it comes to taking care of your body and focusing on your life for the long term, there are just certain things you got to look at a little different.


[7:19] How did fitness become part of your lifestyle?

I was active throughout my childhood. I played all sports, but basketball was my primary focus. As I went through college, I had a chance to play overseas. It was a decision between going overseas and or start my career, and I chose to start my career because I figured I wouldn’t go into the N.B.A. 


At the end of the day, I just didn’t want to get fat. I’ve always worked out and been conscious of my mind and my presence, but it was never to the point of what it is now. It was just working out and doing things. It was a hobby. I ended up losing both of my jobs after college and went full force into training, not knowing what it had to offer.


There’s a passion that I had. It wasn’t really a job. I like people, and I like to talk to people. I like to help people, and everything just kind of went hand in hand.


[9:54] Did you ever think of doing something else?

Everything that I’ve accomplished through these years, the growth that I’ve seen there, I’m in a way better place than I would have been and probably making way more money than I’ve ever thought I would have made if I was still working for somebody else. There’s always some self-doubt in there, but sometimes you got to bring yourself back to reality and just remind yourself who you are.


[11:48] When did going online came into the picture?

The online was always there. COVID just happened to magnify everything I was doing. I’ve been doing online programs for seven years now. When COVID hit, everybody who did the program before started coming back, and everybody who did the program before started telling everybody, and it just took off. I was doing free classes and still do to this day just to get people involved because there’s still a lot of states and cities that are locked down. I still try to give back in the best way I can by offering free information, free classes, and just tips from time to time across all my different platforms to help people just be a little bit more health-conscious.


[14:55] Leading by Example 

When people invest in themselves in my programs, they’ll see the buy-in on my hand. I’m very active, and I’m on calls all the time. I’m answering D.M.S. all the time. I’m on every platform, so they never feel left alone, and I think that’s the biggest thing.


All I need is 1% of your trust. I’ll prove, and I’ll show you the other 99% just by adding more value by being more consistent. The biggest thing for me is I don’t know any other way but to lead by example.


[17:44] An Answer to Why

I always have an answer to my why until I no longer have an answer to my why. I’m going to keep getting up and keep pushing because that’s the reason why I want to be healthier, stronger, to feel better, and to be here for my kids. Those are never going to change, and I’m going to continue to keep pushing.


[23:22] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

There’s a gift within him that I want you guys to fall in love with because it’s going to benefit you guys. You’ll feel the love and the passion that comes from the hands that are placed on this young man.


Key Quotes:

[13:44-13:49] “There’s a bigger equation at hand instead of outside of just the stuff that you get.”

[13:56-14:02] “If you just invest in yourself, the return on investment is priceless.”

[19:12-19:19] “There’s no greater feeling than being better than what you were before off of the work that you put in, and you have a respect for it.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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