In our episode for today, we have Courtney Epps. She is a tax strategist, an international speaker, author, and accountant. Courtney is also the owner of OTB Tax, a full-service accounting firm. One of her missions is to provide her clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Join us today as we discover more about her and learn how she does her work.

[5:11] Why should people listen to you?

Because my whole purpose in life is to teach people how to save more money so that they can have more, and in return, I nourish more children, free more children, and free up more money for people. You must heal people financially first to be healed physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

[6:13] How did you start helping kids?

I had many medical issues in the past and have consumed great products. Three years ago, I was struggling with the fact that stuff does not drive me. Still, I am a very driven person, so I asked myself what drives me and what I can do daily to force me to do things that I do not necessarily want to do. Then, this non-profit called Manor Relief is the only non-profit that provides advanced nutrition for whole food. And we have gone from serving 500 kids a day to 14,000 children a single day. My goal this year is to provide 50,000 children a day.

[9:23] Reason for being a tax strategist 

The reason I became a tax strategist is that there are not a lot of us. I have not been able to find a person like me that works in small to medium-sized businesses.

[14:06] People you want to be part of your team

Taxes are stressful because of deadlines. The ones who pick up on providing nutrition and freeing up money for people love it. People do not have any experience. I would much rather have someone with no experience in the accounting world or even admin and teach them everything they need to know. Then I will have some come from college to train them and retrain their brains because the focus has always been just to prepare a tax return based upon the information given. It was not about how to save these people money and what I can do for these people. It is a very different world that we live in, and we spend 90% of my time is spent doing tax strategy sessions and teaching people how they are accounted for. 


[18:32] About your book

My book less taxing, more relaxing, is why you would be brain dead not going to business. People must be business owners. And then what is your plan B is the second book kind of to that. And that one is why your would-be brain-dead downtown, a home-based business. With everything going the way that it has been, with COVID and pandemics, there were 27 million people who lost their jobs. And I think the way that we all come back together and how this all gets better is that one parent can stay at home and be able to be with their kids and spend time with them.

[21:25] How do you address people that are stuck in the process?

We do not wait. I do not advertise; I do not market. I speak. I speak, and I will talk to the people who are willing to listen. It is like right now waking people up; you wake them up until they are ready to wake up. The ones that will not help and want to understand are why that book is more relaxed and less taxing is just explaining why there is a better way.

[28:20] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

What God gave me is that I was supposed to end suffering financially. We must heal people financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, so we can bring more people to God To teach more, how to have more, live more, give more, save more. And then we can help more and free more and end more suffering. The greatest thing we can do right now is not to focus on ourselves.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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