Let me tell you a story about Mark. Who’s Mark? Well, he’s this guy from Staten Island and everybody knew him as this confident and let’s say ‘cool guy’. He was no artist or musician, but Mark was always good with numbers. Money, business, sales, all of these things were second nature to this guy. Everybody had high hopes for him. ‘’Oh, that Mark guy? Yeah, we’ll all see him on Wall Street one day. The kid’s a natural”.

Well, one day came around and Mark got a job. Nothing too big, a broker at this Brooklyn firm. He was happy. Very confident in his abilities. Life seemed pretty good for a little while. In the fall of that same year, Mark got an internship for this ‘big boy’ businessman on Wall Street. The small broker job didn’t really feed his hunger anymore, he knew he wanted bigger things.

But, do you know what happened when he stepped through the door of this 70-year-old, cold business oriented, in the game for half a century now, business man’s office? He chickened out. He wasn’t a part of this World, so he started crashing down.

And let me tell you why. You will never be confident in your abilities unless you work hard enough to be better than you were yesterday. Of course, he didn’t fit in, you can’t bring what you’ve known your whole life into a much different environment. In order to fit into a new World, you must work as if you came from that same World in the first place. After the ‘big boss man’ died Mark was the one who took his place. It took time, patience and a lot of hard work to get on top of these Walls in Manhattan, but his dream was bigger than any fear he ever had. So, let me ask you again, who is Mark? You. You can be Mark. It’s always your choice.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks