In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast, we have invited Clifford Starks, MindBody Coach, Professional MMA Fighter, Motivational Speakers, and Author of the book “Awaken the Superhero In You.” Being a professional fighter did not stop Clifford from his endeavors, even in the entrepreneurial space. Today, Clifford talks about how he fought his way to the real estate industry. 

[08:00] Why should we listen to you?

The best reason to listen to me is to have that “experience.” I did not realize how powerful it was as I have gone through my journey. Coaching is not only creating awareness; it is also about knowing the pitfalls and finding how far and big you can go. This is why life is beautiful—because you choose how you live with it.

[15:21] Competitive Edge Specialist

A competitive edge specialist is someone willing to jump and learn to their deep end together with others. It can be scary, difficult, and challenging, just like how fighting is. When you go through these anxieties and fears, you’re the one who makes the decision – will you shrink away or thrive and test your limits?

[17:38] When someone has the discipline as they go through the process and systems intended for them to overcome, they show up better than they were before—like a transformed individual. 

[23:23] Fears and Failures

Fears are real. Not only are you holding yourself accountable for it, but others are also held responsible for it. Reality can be scary for people, which is why failure is always part of the process. When you fail, the process becomes easier when you deal with it the next time. 

[28:10] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

To truly love one another in a way they never knew. Because when you love others, you ultimately love yourself.


Key Quotes:

[18:47 – 18:50] “Life is always changing. It always presents new things.”

[21:08 – 21:16] “The power comes into question and allow people to look into the answers they never knew existed in the first place.”


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