In today’s episode, our guest is Christopher Dedeyan. He is a professional speaker and peak performance expert who helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees manage stress, increase productivity, and have more energy. He developed his entrepreneurial and communication skills during the five years he built and ran his real estate brokerage company. During that time, Christopher noticed that he could help his colleagues with self-development by incorporating new rituals and habits that help them in their business and personal lives. And today, he will share with us about finding our life’s purpose and overcoming our fears.


 [1:58] Why should I listen to you?


You would only listen, or you should only listen if you feel something within your gut that you should listen. And that’s energy. It’s not about what he’s wearing or how he’s acting. It’s about how he’s showing up energetically.


[2:30] The only reason you should listen to somebody is if it feels good, and there’s this gut feeling. That’s the way I would speak to it. That’s what I’ve done for all of my life business decisions and my personal life. It’s always brought me the right way because your subconscious mind, gut, inner voice, and heart already know where you should go.


[3:40] Diagnosed with Dyslexia


I’m a learning disability advocate because at eight years old, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. My parents noticed that I had some difficulty trying to read when I was young, and they used to compare me a lot to my sister, who is two years older. I was putting in the effort, but reading is just not happening. Then after a couple of years of testing with a specialist, they found that I’m eight years old dyslexic.


[4:36] At eight years old, all I understand is that I’m losing my friends and I’m going into this different school. The first thing I realized was that I wasn’t alone. There are hundreds of kids like me that have learning disabilities. Not only that, I now have access to professionals and teachers that are speech therapists who are teaching specific methodologies techniques on how to go about it. So I started becoming more comfortable about what dyslexia is, and I started to understand how to learn and navigate those waters.


[5:15] Becoming an Entrepreneur  


The first thing that pops into my mind is that I want to be a lawyer. As I was looking into what it takes to be a lawyer, I learned that 95% of my job is reading and writing. So I realized that that’s not an avenue that I want to go down. Then I started researching careers that don’t have a lot of reading and writing. What I found was a fireman. I made it through the fireman school. And as I was going through the process, I realized that that wasn’t my life’s purpose. Something was calling me towards something else. And that was entrepreneurship.

[6:33] Subconsciously, I was developing delegation and negotiation at a young age. So as I started going into that, I realized that I needed to be a broker. I wanted to go into brokerage as a realtor and begin developing that aspect. Now I’m going to bring this all together very soon and work my career as an entrepreneur. It took a little while to succeed back for a year and a half as a broker.


[7:14] Becoming a Speaker


I was succeeding very well as an entrepreneur. One of my speech therapists from high school called me up to ask me about real estate. Afterward, she told me that she was the keynote speaker at a specific event that the Learning Institute of Quebec put together. She wanted me to come and talk about my journey as a dyslexic entrepreneur.

[8:14] She sent me an email saying that I shouldn’t do the speech. Many people still have a harmful misconception about dyslexia, and it might cause me to lose some clients. I knew she was coming from a place of love and protection. But at that point, I wrote her an email saying that I would call her on Monday to talk about the speech because I believed that the speech must continue. If I’m not out there giving this speech, I’m not helping the kids on school benches right now. I’m not helping the next generation. I’m not helping my future kids.


[9:04] Christopher’s Life Purpose


I started getting ready for this speech, and I walked into the room. On the day of the event, I opened the door, and there weren’t 200 people. It’s more like 1000 people. At this point, I am dripping in sweat, and my heart is pounding. I’m like, “What did I just get myself into?” Now I’m sitting down with speaker after speaker going into the stage.


[9:41] It was like magic for me. Like my whole life was preparing me for this moment that I didn’t even know. And that’s the moment when I stepped on stage for the first time. And I got such a fantastic response from the crowd that I realized this was my life’s purpose: to be on stage, help others, and teach people. So that was the arc that I got into this personal development world. From that moment, every decision I made was about being the best speaker and coach who serves others.


[10:42] Limiting Beliefs


A lot of performance is very similar. So it doesn’t matter where you are within your process. We’re going to be working on the fundamentals. And those fundamentals are from waking up early, how we are showing up, and the state and story that we’re telling ourselves and structuring that.


[10:59] One thing that I’ve realized in working with top-end CEOs from fortune 500 and outstanding entrepreneurs is that they all have the same level of limiting beliefs rooted 

down to certain anxieties, and they think they’re alone at having that.


[12:38] Fear vs. Danger


People confuse fear and danger, but it’s two different things. Fear is getting you out of your comfort zone. It is making you grow and expand, while danger is going to get you hurt. Every time I’ve made a move within my business that I’m hiring is was out of fear. Though it might be risky, it’s helping me grow. Fear is making growth, while danger is what can hurt you.


[15:08] The Four Pillars


I break it down by looking at everything that we work on towards this my speaking, my group coaching for C suite employees, or my one-on-one coaching or one. And there are four pillars that I look at.


[15:22] First thing we’re going to do is look at your limiting beliefs. I don’t care who you are on this planet. Everybody has limiting beliefs. And these limiting beliefs have been given to you when you were born. Some of these limiting beliefs have been created by you. So we will look at which ones are empowering you and which ones are disempowering. You destroy the ones that are disempowering, and you use the ones that are empowering.


[15:44] Second, we’re going to put a specific blueprint for your success because, like Benjamin Franklin says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” so we need that structure that we need to go. You need to know where you’re going. If the GPS is not set, you’re going to be turning around in circles.


[16:01] Third, we’re going to create a massive impact. And income will follow after the impact and value that you bring to your game. So it’s enormous value and impact, making the income that will come into play.


[16:08] Finally, we’re going to put your systems and processes in place. If you want to be highly successful, the only reason it will get there is that you have good systems and processes in place. If you look at somebody fit, they have good systems in place.


[17:31] What Promise did God make to the World when He created you?


I’m presenting you with the agent of change. I’m just a vehicle of the universe that’s here to serve. And I am one of the universe’s vehicles. And this is the way I serve such as everybody else. My job is to make people live in their greatness. If everybody lives in their greatness as a society, we’ll go forward with more joy, love, happiness, respect, and empathy. So God created me to be an agent of change for the people around me.


Key Quotes


[11:58: – 12:02] “You can’t try and identify with the end destination. You have to identify with doing the work to get there.”

[13:54 – 13:58] “Fear only helps you, and danger is something you should essentially avoid.”

[17:03 – 17:12] “Many people think about making money. But it’s actually about what value you’re bringing to the world, what impact you’re creating. The more you do that, the more abundance will follow your way.”


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