Today we have Chris Naugle with us today to tell us why he became the Money Mentor and the top financial adviser there is. Join us as we hear his experiences and secrets to success. 


[7:00] Why should people listen to you? 

Because I did not start with anything and I failed enough times to find the truth. 


[7:34] How did you get in the place where you are?

I grow up with nothing but had a dream. I started out with no money and failed numerous times.  I landed in wall street and become top financial adviser while snowboarding and started real estate and my clothing line expanded. I am on the top because I keep on failing. I started studying wealthy people on how they do. 

[14:16] You have to change where your money goes first. Where you should put your money first is with mutually owned insurance companies


[22:32] How long did you figure this out?

I got a lot of pushback from financial advisers because I am taking away their income.  The reason I do it today because this is all I do and I do it for thousands of people. 

[26:50] What promise did God made to the world when he made you?

That I would go out there and show the truth to the world.



[12:40-13:00] “People can change their entire financial future and add one step on their life. “


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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