In this episode, we have invited Chris Kidawski. He is a seasoned Strength Coach with a proven track record of success in health, wellness, and fitness industries. He also possesses expertise in Athletic Training, Fitness Training, Athletics, Strength & Conditioning, and Public Speaking. Regarded as the go-to structural therapist in South Florida, Chris has a strong community and social services. He worked with various professional athletes ranging from basketball, football, baseball to even UFC fighters. Today, Chris talks with us about breaking boundaries and instilling a positive mindset into his clients. 

[09:04] Why should we listen to you?

With my degree and life experience, I carved my path in life. As a result, I’ve done many things that diet books suggest you shouldn’t do. It is frowned upon by many, but I did it and had considerably better results than others. And it includes most people, not just athletes. I’ve worked with professional athletes who were college or high school athletes. I created techniques for being faster, stronger, decreasing weight, or getting rid of pain may vary. You won’t find much of it online or in other books, except in mine. 

[10:46] Where do you diverge from common thought or theory?

What you must do to affect someone’s body or mind is begin with what’s mechanically true. The human body may quickly change when working with mechanistically genuine components rather than a mill and grind for modest gains. All you have to do is work with the human body, keep testing to see what works best for you, and fearlessly explore or push the boundaries. 

[11:57] Despite my lack of experience, there was always a small, white lie under everything. It prompted me to look for an answer to increase my skills as a massage therapist, a trainer, or a teacher. And when you talk about that group of folks, you can see they get it. Working as an employee versus as an entrepreneur differs significantly. Every day, as an entrepreneur, you have questions to answer. As an employee, you get the answers first, and anyone can answer your questions. 

[17:18] What are concepts you extracted from your time with these individuals that are beneficial to the average person? 

The essential thing is organizing your thoughts. Everything is a result of your ideas and thoughts. If you have the same attitude, you’re going to wake up hating the world you live in. As a result, you will have few opportunities. Each of these gentlemen with whom I work is at the pinnacle of their profession or game. They rise each day with the utmost gratitude for where they are and the mission they are attempting. And they have such a great mental attitude that changing them would require a bazooka. 

[19:18] How do you create that positive mindset and develop the right attitude?

It begins with mindfulness and observing your thoughts. Thoughts become emotions, emotions become feelings, and feelings become actions. Consider the Vaughn case. He grew up in Oakland’s ghetto. On his birthday, he witnessed his uncle get shot in his front yard. The person was shot and killed, but he never used that as a reason to halt his life’s progress. He never used it to say, “Oh man, where I live is terrible, and I’m never going to get away.” He used to wake up every day, journal, and write down what was most important to him. And then he would begin to reassemble those pieces. 

[20:23] Many people want to wake up thinking of winning the lotto and believing that the rest of your life will be a breeze. And then you discover that the majority of people who won the lotto wind up deeper in debt. Once all of that money has been expended and spent, everything falls apart, everything. And it’s entirely down to their mentality; they lack direction. And, if I may be so bold, many people reach a point where they refuse to learn anymore. 

[21:56] Alternatively, you may wish to use the term committed. Many folks want to jot something down like, “I want a million dollars.” Though that sounds reasonable, the cosmos does not fully comprehend this. It is incapable of understanding an affirmation. Instead, write something along the lines of “I am determined to acquire the talents that will earn me a million dollars.”. 

[23:00] How did you learn all this and earn the trust of your clients?

I have a strong belief in reincarnation. I believe that none of us is embarking on our first journey through life or the world. Neither energy is created nor destroyed. It only transforms into new shapes and forms. My ultimate mission is to share my experiences that others might have experienced physically and how I overcome them.

[26:22] If I want to do anything in my life, I need to increase my intelligence and wisdom and share it with others. That is what I have accomplished in my life through reading my books, practicing pain management, and continuing to do so to this day.

[28:27] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

Simply knowing that there will be significantly more hope, serenity, and happiness before and after I depart.

Key Quotes

[12:31 – 12:43] “There’s a big difference between being an employee and being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you wake up every day, and you’re handed the questions first, and then you have to go and find the answers.”

[26:51 – 27:02]I have a tattoo on the inner portion of my arm that says never get tired to study and teach others, and I just tried to live by that creed every single day.”

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