In this Aww Shift Podcast episode, we have invited Chris Freeze, retired FBI agent and speaker. Traumas haunted millions of individuals worldwide, with some getting help while others stay cooped inside their world. With his 23 years of experience during his FBI career, Chris sets his sight on educating the world about leadership, trauma, and hope.

[03:49] Why should we listen to you?

After 53 years of pounding his head against the wall, wondering things don’t change, I understood why we keep talking about leadership, wishing things were different and hoping for a better tomorrow, but they’re not. It’s all because of the adverse childhood experiences and trauma that go to the world. I need to share with people that there is a different way of living.

[12:31] Concept of Trauma

We tend to push those emotions and experiences away from us. We want to escape from it because it was a painful journey. When talking about trauma-informed leadership, transforming other people’s minds from contempt to curiosity felt like I have succeeded.

[15:29] There was a study in the late ’90s, and they came up with the ten most common types of trauma: physical, emotional, sexual abuse, physical-emotional neglect, substance abuse, etc. And laying on top of these traumas are people telling you how unimportant, stupid, idiot, useless, etc., you are, and you will not amount to anything. By the time you get to adulthood, it will all be ingrained in you because you were told those things throughout your life. Nobody pushed you to achieve your dream.

[16:38] Whether it’s in our childhood or workplace, what’s missing is a person that will allow, empower, and believe what you are capable of. It’s not a checklist where if you follow it, things will be different; it’s a mindset, paradigm shift saying things will be better, and the power to make things happen.

[22:28] leadership

Leadership is about relationships; relationships are about trust. It’s going to be hard if all the times you live, you don’t have a person to trust or have people violated that trust.

[27:22] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

No matter how old you are or what you have done in life, he wants to have a relationship with you and everybody else.

Key Quotes:

[09:05 – 09:08] “If you’re not good at addressing a problem as a leader, you’re lost.”

[10:50 – 11:00] “I enjoyed serving the American people as an FBI agent, but it did not define who I am or who I watched—it was a profession, and I am something other than that.”

[25:40 – 25:48] “You can have natural talent, but if you don’t utilize and practice that talent, it’s as useless as me having no talent.

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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