In this episode, we have Bryce Wilson with us who is a CEO, Dog Dad, and a world traveler to share his journey with us on success with his company and transitioning amidst the Pandemic that changed how we all think. 

[3:21] Why should anybody listen to you? 

 I Like getting into a little real flow as far as who I am still trying to figure that out. I would say I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a CEO. I’m a partner. I’m a dog dad. I’m a world traveler. I think you should listen to everybody and formulate your own opinions.

[4:28] The Aww Shift Moments

The grinds of working out and my job was to be fit, healthy, and to be prepared for sports. I did not really ever rationalize or think in my head that there was a life after sports. I was, at that time, in the middle of creating ticket rescue, and had a smooth transition into the next grind. The next thing that I could just wake up and hack away and do.   

[7:06] Ticket Rescue Business 

This was started in 2017. While I was still playing soccer in college, I realized it was real, I realized there was real potential there but didn’t really have the time and energy to put into it. What we do is we purchase tickets from people who can no longer use them.  If you got sick or couldn’t go to the show, for one reason or another, instead of just letting the tickets go to waste, you could sell them to us to get some of your money back.

[10:00] We landed on helping influencers and personal grant personal brands build their audience, and develop quality leads for their Instagram engagement., What we do is we learn everything we can about someone. We help them to spread their message far and wide through Instagram.

[12:17] Building the Team 

It’s just putting people first. I’m such a firm believer that if your people are well-treated everything else is going to fall in place, the customers will be happy the service will be done.

[13:53] Launching an Idea

The biggest thing is having good people behind it. I think that constantly optimizing, never being happy with what you’re what you currently have. You have to have some way that is going to differentiate you from everybody else.

[21:50] Top Three Keys to Living Life Moment

First and foremost, putting yourself first. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up. Figure out what fulfills you don’t let money or things or anything like that be the driver of what you’re doing.

[24:52] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I Think the promise would be that I am going to leave it better, much better off than it was when I got here.


[9:00 – 9:15] “I think we were surrounded myself with surrounded by really good people. And I pride myself on not really being good at too many things. But one thing I am good at is finding people that are smarter than me and really good and in areas that are needed”

For more information on Bryce Wilson Follow him on Instagram. @Brycethreewilson

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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