In today’s episode, our guest is Blake Brewer who has a  goal to help millions of dads write at least one very well-written, meaningful, lasting legacy level for their children to remind their years after they’re gone. He’ll share with us his experience and why it is such a heavy part of his heart. We are here today to listen to his story, let’s listen to this episode! 

[10:07] Why should we listen to you?

I’m the type of guy who starts asking the questions. I just love people and I love hearing their stories, and so you start asking questions, and you start learning so many different things about people, which is also because of that, I’ve learned a lot of different things about people. And that’s the reason you might want to listen to me is that I’ve taken the things that I’ve learned from different people and I try to share with others.

[10:52] How did  Legacy Letter Concept start? 

My mission was born out of a personal tragedy. I’ve had the opportunity to share this story all over the country, in a lot of different stages.  I think about my five-year-old, my three-year-old, my six-month-old, and I’m doing the best that I can to be a good dad. And I recognize how hard it is in this world that we are in to be a good dad. I ended up not even being someone who connected with their children at the level that I wanted to. I didn’t guide them the way that I wanted to wasn’t the voice in their life that they needed. And I look at around the world. And I see the world is coming at my children, is coming for your children. 

[23:35]  God was calling me to help other dads. My dad had written this letter to me that I’ve got to help other dads write this letter. And so that’s how we get started on the mission.

 [24:52]  I tell people what is the best time to write your letter? Well, the best time to write your letter was the day that you’re trying was born. The second best time is today. And absolutely the day that you die, your letter will take on will be that much more powerful. I help dads utilize the memories that they have for their children to really, almost alter the stories that that their child tells themselves as a dad. You have the power to come in and completely change that story and change that narrative that they’re negative can develop into a positive. And then we also worked through apologies, and regrets, which is really powerful when a dad does that. And so you do all these sections, then you put it together as a letter at the end.

[30:24] What’s God’s promise to the world when he created you? 

I think with my life, I’m just trying to serve people and ultimately say with my life this is not about me. I’m not here because of anything I did. It’s ultimately all his glory. So when we win a million dads write this letter, it’s not because of anything I did. There’s only things that God did open the doors to make this happen.


Key Quotes

[13:50-14:00] “Having a good father is like having that perfect wind behind the sailboat who can just make the sailboat go.”

[27:12-27:16] “It’s not about keeping them from failures. It’s about learning from those and getting past it.”

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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