If you ever happen to stumble upon a ‘loner’, or if you are one, know that they didn’t really choose to be like that. It’s the circumstances that have shifted this person’s mind to choose this ‘ lifestyle’.

Some people, more than others, prefer company. Friends, business partners, family, it doesn’t matter. However, going through life, you’re never really alone.

There is always someone out there whose mind is compatible with yours. Maybe they are really close, or far away, but none the less, they are out there. And maybe, they are thinking in the same way you are.

But imagine this. Imagine that you’re one unique ice cream flavor, let’s say pistachio. And we all know that our minds feed the soul, right? So, wouldn’t you be tired of having the same flavor of thoughts every single day? Yes, yes you would. You see, we need diverse flavors in our lives to be inspired, cared for and loved.
Don’t be afraid of the people around you, because, in a bigger spectrum of things, we are nothing more than different ice cream flavors, made in the same factory.

? Always Own Your Shift ?


Written by : Anthony Trucks