“Where must I face something, that I genuinely don’t want to face?” Once you answer that question you’ll make the first step of actually becoming a better you. I know there are a lot of aspects of the world that aren’t that beautiful or nice, but we can’t keep blaming our surroundings for infinity. There comes a point in your life where the burden is all on you…where you choose if you want to get better or not. At one point, we get to choose whether we’d like a certain path in life or not. We get to create that better life that we were sadly not gifted with. I really hope all of you have the strength to be brave and risk all the bad aspects of your current life for a much better one. Remember that we are made to change and adapt, so why not change yourself for the better? Only you can start the change you’d like to see around you.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks