It’s a beautiful summer day and you and your friends decided to have a picnic at your local park. The weather is at the perfect temperature, and even though it’s hot, a very light breeze seems to be balancing things out. It’s the perfect scenario. Everybody is laughing, there’s wind in your hair, it’s the middle of summer, you guys have no commitments besides having fun.

As you’re taking pictures and wishing you could stop time every once in a while, the euphoria that was perceived as pure-hearted happiness just seconds ago became something much darker. Your mind stopped focusing on what’s going on around you and started ‘uploading’ a rather more distorted version of reality. What have you imagined? Losing a loved one? Your job? Failing an exam?

You’re not present anymore. What happened to that beautiful summer day? What happened to the laughter? Well, they’re still in front of you, but your mind won’t let you see them.

We tend to distance ourselves from happy situations because they just seem ‘too good to be true’. When I say this I want you to remember it.
You will never get that beautiful summer day back, so you best be where you are when you are. Toxic thoughts will come and go, but pure beauty, if not enjoyed at the moment, will become nothing more than a very distant memory in the form of a picture. Be present. Only that way, your fears won’t have to.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks