Let’s imagine that there’s a group of these 4 people that live in a house. Their whole lives, they’ve been taught not to leave the house. Ever. No one really explained to them why they shouldn’t, they just know they can’t, so they never did. All the windows are completely shut, no connection to anything beyond the house whatsoever.

For all they know, the outside World could be chaotic, or it could be literal heaven, but they will never know. Now, let’s say that you are the next person to come in the house, also completely ignorant about the outside World. What do you think will happen?

Will you ever get to see the backyard? No, you probably won’t. You’ll be heavily influenced by the 4 people who won’t convince you otherwise. Influence has a tricky way of coming under your skin in all the wrong circumstances.

I did say that we choose our influence in life, however, no one ever said it would be easy. I know they’ve told you not to get out of the house because it’s too dangerous. But the riskiest things in life are often your one-way ticket to complete freedom. And, if you ever get out, you just might inspire the remaining 4 to step beyond the door to freedom as well.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks