“And now…we’re in business folks”. In a lot of movies and shows, you can occasionally hear this sentence being thrown around every now and then. But you never really thought about what it could mean to you in your life and career. Being IN business does not directly state that your ‘business’ is good or profitable, but growing A business gradually will become both good and profitable. Being in business only means that you’ve managed to make the first step in whatever you are doing. That second, third and fourth step is much closer to you actually producing a piece of original creation a.k.a. A successful business of your own. Being a part of something that already existed is being in business, but starting your own idea from scratch and promotion your unique creation is what starting and nurturing a business is all about. And I’m guessing a lot of you want to build something new instead of being a part of something that has already been built.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks