In today’s episode, we’ll recap the conversations, thoughts, and events from these last 100 episodes. Let’s unpack the realizations and reflections from this podcast.

[1:56] Take action on an idea

Taking action is the most important part of any idea. This could scare or excite you! Some “magical” feeling is associated with taking action on the idea.

[4:09] When you started out on this path, you couldn’t picture or anticipate the result. It could have been exaggerated or minimized compared to reality.

[6:41] Think about a time you took action on an idea. That idea gained momentum. Get SOMETHING done!

[9:26] Relationships and Connections

Your greatest joy comes from your community.

[11:09] Relationships are the most significant part of why you do anything. Relationships hold access to your joy. 

[12:47] Don’t judge a book by its cover

Spend time asking more questions of people.

[14:47] If you judge a book by its cover, thinking a person is unintelligent, unhappy, or has no value to give, you will miss out on life. 

[15:34] Consistency

There’s a level of confidence and pride in doing something repetitively over time when you don’t feel confident.

[17:25] Consistency taught me how to manage my life.

Key Quotes:

[8:07-8:13] “Every single thing I’ve ever attempted in my life that I’ve been happy to accomplish, always turned out to be far better than I could have imagined.”

[9:05-9:08] “Life is an amazing teacher, but you must live it to learn.”

[18:55-19:07] “If you don’t find efficiency or effectiveness within your life structure, you’ll get a situation where you lack the ability to be consistent. You literally burn out.”

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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