In today’s episode, our guest is Amy E. Smith. She is a life coach, communication expert, and hypnotherapist. Her primary focus is on helping people find their voice and speak up for themselves. She is also the owner of The Joy Junkie, where she teaches high achieving women how to speak up for themselves by accessing their confidence and self-worth. Today, she will share what it’s like to work with her and a brief discussion about hypnotism.


[7:10] Why should we listen to you?

I’ve been through various experiences in my life that have driven me to do the job that I do today. I believe that people who work in the personal growth field should get a solid education and career. So I have a slew of various certifications and credentials. 


I’ve been working in this space for almost 15 years. There’s tenure, life experience, and actual academia behind the work that I do. I feel very strongly about having a scientific basis for personal development. 


I’m skilled at breaking down substantially bigger ideas or things that seem awkward or nonlinear into very quantifiable bits and measures and making them implementable.


[10:29] When you start talking to people, how do you communicate these complex ideas down at a simplistic basis form?

We express abstract concepts using metaphor. In hypnosis, there is a breakdown between the conscious and subconscious faculties of the mind. Without digging too far into the idea of the psyche, there is a slight barrier between conscious and subconscious. 


When I describe the vital element of the mind, also known as our “inner critic,” it behaves essentially as a guard dog. As a result, it keeps everything in sync with the ingrained things in their subconscious mind.


[13:09] What actions do you have people take once they’ve kind of put the guard dog asleep?

You still have to have radical personal responsibility in what you do day in and day out in your actions. But hypnosis can help make those actions more automatic.


Our patterns and values are stored in the subconscious mind. Logic, willpower, reason, and logic are all in the conscious component, accounting for just 10% of the total. That is why willpower alone will not get you to the desired destination if you do not innately believe something in your subconscious. Those two things must be in sync.


[16:23] What do you do to get people to take the step to get into the work that you know will improve them?

I have only added hypnosis to my bag of tricks over the last two years. I’ve always been working with the conscious faculty of the mind through coaching. One way that we do that is through repetition and creating things that become a habit. 


Our examples of hypnosis have been incredibly theatrical and hyperbolic. We haven’t seen in a large swath of media or models of hypnosis and the power it can create. Still, if we understand what is happening scientifically, that is so much more reassuring and calming. 


Many people, when they’re praying, they are in a state of hypnosis. Meditation is a state of hypnosis.


[20:31] Can I access the theta wave intentionally while sitting at home?

Yes, that’s what hypnosis is. That’s where I take somebody who’s not going to sleep necessarily, and we just get you to that theta wave. Everybody experiences things very differently. Some people have Hypno-amnesia, where once we count them out back into more of an alpha brainwave state, they don’t remember, and sometimes, people remember absolutely everything.


[23:02] What does it look like to work with you?

I speak, but I don’t have a book. I have a proposal that I’m working on. I talk about two significant components. One is the internal piece, which is genuinely believing that you are enough. It’s your worthiness and belief that you deserve the things you want in your lifetime. And the other is the external piece where I help you stand your power. 


There are many situations in which we are not taught. For example, we are not told how to persuade adult children to leave the house or convince our families that we do not believe in the religion in which we were raised. There are so many things about which we haven’t been given words.


[26:30] Why do you only work with women?

I used to work with anyone and everyone. I did have a couple of men in my program, and it just completely shifted the dynamic. I was craving more of a sisterhood.


I’m optimistic about some of the younger generations that seem to be more open. There’s so much more awareness around mental health and the access that we have to social media.


[29:50 Why do you think that you are on this planet here?

To genuinely help people believe that they matter so that they can start advocating for themselves so that they can start speaking up for themselves.


I feel so convicted that women need to believe in their worth. They need to take a stand for it and not apologize for their power.


Key Quotes:

[9:08-9:11] “I think we need to own our brilliance in a lot of ways.”

[21:33-21:45] “You can’t be made to do anything that you don’t want to do. You can’t be made to do anything outside of your own free will and desire for your life.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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