In today’s episode, our guest is Allyson Byrd, referred to as ‘The Profit Accelerator’ by her clients, who coached 7500 entrepreneurial leaders and created tours, and managed to earn $60 million in revenue the last nine years. She has been featured on different platforms because of her dedication and determination to get into the driver’s seat of her own life. She turned passion into profit and made her Money work for her. 


[8:09] Why should we listen to you?

People listen based on two paradigms. An average person listens because of how articulate and expressive I am. I have this aura that captures attention and a sense of relatability that people felt and attracted to that. When an ultra-successful listen to me, they see home inside of me. They recognize that I belong in their society. Because I’ve lived in the extremes of life, and that’s what inspires people to listen to me, be with me, sit with me, and share with me.


[10:43] How did these traits become something you develop? Where did that come to be?

It arose from my experience that I was told by people who seemed to be intimidated by me. Women would say it after they had known me for a while. On the other hand, men would express their discomfort by simply leaving the premises as if they were gone. And what I discovered is that the world’s people are very uncomfortable in the presence of a woman who does not despise herself.


[11:37] When women fail, the world is too calm because they love a damsel in distress. Women are conditioned to be damsels. I am of a generation that is not aligned with that school of thought. Many people resist their gift because they don’t know how I do be responsible for it. I’ve got to ask myself, how can I curate an experience with others that allows them to feel okay. So, I started to soften the edges of my greatness and not make it so pointed she has nothing to defend or hide or prove.


[14:49] How do you talk to people, who were like sounds good, but that’s not for other people like what statements or conversations you can have fireback with?

I believe that if you argue for your limitation, my responsibility is to give you the win. The moment you tell me it’s not for me, I’m like, okay, because I’m going to speak to ears that listen. I like to spend time asking a couple of questions because people will always argue with your data, but they won’t say with theirs. So if you can get them to start speaking their truth in their light, then they’ll find their alignment.


[17:35] How can you turn the power you have as a human yourself, as well as in what you can provide for people who are ready to go on that journey? How does that turn a profit of 7500 entrepreneurs towards $60 million?

I just wanted to be an entrepreneur. In her early 30s, I tried to replace my income. I thought I would be forever working for Blackberry. When I identified that, that didn’t work for me anymore, and I wanted more autonomy. And I also wanted to exercise my voice in the world. I started as a life coach from a life coach went into being a transformational leadership coach.


[18:47] I was six months into the business, and I was broke. And what happens when you’re financially broke is the circumstances break you. I had to fight. I thought this is not my identity. I want everybody to think about if you’re on an occasion that doesn’t work for you.


20:09] I promise to be great, and I’m going to start my business. I was working on my skill, knowledge, talent, and education but success comes with our willingness, our permission, with the end to be great. So, I decided to sell a product. I created a $695 product and wanted to see and I could sell ten a day. I started creating almost $10,000 a day and started making about, on average, somewhere between depending on the sales went 28,000 to $40,000.


[24:17] About Amazon Special 

Somebody contacted me to do a special for Amazon Prime. I talked about my relationship with success. I knew that I was the representation because we’re not there a lot.


[28:13]What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

God promised when he created Alison and said, Let there be. Let there be the truth. Let there be integrity. Let there be power. And I’m so honored to be all those things.


Key Quotes:

[15:36-15:38] “Powerful people ask powerful questions.”

[22:09 -22:13] “Money is made. You have to earn it. And earning has to be hard. And hard things must come over time.”

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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