In today’s episode, our guest is Ali Mirza. Founder and CEO of Rose Garden Consulting. This person is passionate about helping other businesses grow their leads.  He has been a CEO of an organization that increased revenue growth with transformative solutions based on behavioral economics. 

[2:42] Why should we listen to you? 

I do significantly better than anybody else in building out sales teams and sales strategies to help people grow and scale their teams. If you’ve got a sales team that you’re looking to grow systematically, I think you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice if you did not speak to me. 

[3:25] When was the pivotal moment of your life where you realize that this is it?  When I was about 19 years old, I started selling insurance. I did it for four years with fifty representatives. I thought I could do whatever I wanted, but I became a troubled person and ended up getting fired. And that’s where I started Rose Garden.  

 [07:28] Core Values 

I’m a very disciplined and principled individual. I will tell you 100% the truth. I also believe to each their own and every adult; I’m not going to play your money manager. My job is to go in there and serve my client and make sure that you buy what I need you to purchase and do the appropriate analysis required. I’m going to motivate you. And I’m going to get a decision from you because indecisiveness is a weakness. 

 [9:52] Can someone delineate whether or not they should be in the sales game? 

Absolutely. That depends on a whole host of different factors. We are Cobian Print Certified. Colby is an assessment that measures your brain’s cognitive side and then prints the effect of the sides of the enneagram to be your intrinsic motivators, If you’re not coachable, you’re not growth-minded, and you got no grit. You’re not going to be successful. 

[12:25] Simplify information and get to the bottom-line brass tacks. Your natural tendencies will allow you to build momentum quicker, more naturally, and the sale’s general function comes more naturally to you. 

[14:33] What are some of the biggest clients you’ve worked with that maybe you can share? 

We work exclusively with SMB. We want to work with founders and visionaries who are looking to take the next step. Our clients are Instapage, Linux Guide. We’ve got a whole host of clients that are all in that SMB space that are sub 100 million that we like working with. 

[16:43] Values 

Human beings were not meant to be happy. Human beings did not evolve because we sat around, trying to think how we can be happy? We evolved because we constantly create.  What we’re chasing is not happiness; we’re pursuing satisfaction. We get it through creation and accomplishment that creates this fictitious feeling that does not exist. We evolved because we wanted to develop and to be satisfied. And that is what makes true happiness. 

[22:53] What promise did God make to the world when He created you? 

Everyone on this planet has a purpose. I am on this earth to be the best salesperson. My gift to the world is to work with clients to achieve genuine change in their organizations.

 Key Quotes 

[17:23] “Gift of accountability is the greatest gift you can give somebody.” 


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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