In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast with Anthony Trucks, David Buckwald joins the show to share his knowledge about how successful people make shift happen. Dave has been in the financial service as a financial adviser for more than 30 years. He owns One Team Financial whose focus is to make a difference in pre-retiree and retiree’s lives. He loves hearing successful peoples’ stories especially people who overcame adversities and turned it around.

[9:23] Financial service planning, how does it work?

As your wealth grows, financial service becomes more of an asset protection, income tax mitigation, wealth transfer, and the like.

[13:28] LegalZoom

It is better than nothing. Find good advisers that you trust and surround yourself with people that have expertise and skill set you don’t have.

[14:31] Life Insurance

Two dirty little words that nobody wants to talk about but there are certain basics that everyone needs to have in place. 

[15:05] Importance of Financial Planning

You have to get your whole financial house in order. It is putting your whole team and whole plan together to comprehend some holistic fashion. 

[17:25] Component of Financial House in Order

It is collaborating and bringing in together a team of specialist from tax people, insurance people, money management people, property and casualty people, tax accountant, lawyers, to look at the holistic picture. But your plan must be evolved around what is important to you and your family, your values, what you want to teach your children, and what you want to pass on. It is not managing money but the plan needs to revolve around you and what is important with your goals and your values.

[19:19] Parenting Trust Fund Babies

Teach children no to focus more on money but to have a perspective to enjoy what they do, find out what they are good at, and do something that may impact the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

[23:00] Principles of Self-made People

  1. Hardwork;
  2. Discipline; 
  3. Newer quit;
  4. Never give up;
  5. Always do the right thing;
  6. Give back to the world, to charity, and to other people, 

[22:58] “How you define rich is different from person to person.”

[23:58] Balancing Financial Wealth and Life Wealth

You must separate family time and work time. You need to work hard but you also have to play hard. Commit to more family time. 

Key points: 

[10:28] “Something in time, a moment in time, one or two people in time, would shift the course of your life.”

[11:56] “Money is something you better get a handle on. Whether enlisting trusted advisers or learning it yourself.”

[15:17] “Life can change in an instant.”

[16:06] “It’s not about what you make, but what you keep.” 

[20:14] “When something makes a difference, it doesn’t mean you make a lot of money.”

[21:26] “More flows in when you give back more.”

Join the One Team Financial and Get Exclusive Access at reach out to David Buckwald on his cell: 908-347-2707.

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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