Just like any dog, imagine wanting to get the ball while on the leash. But let me ask you this, who is your master? The World? Fear? Life?

All of these things are natural parts of existence, so limiting yourself will not shield you from them, but it will keep you away from what you really want. Imagine someone who always wanted to be a captain on a ship, but is afraid of swimming. What should he do? He better get in that water.

Living with limitations under fear is worse than not living at all. You never get to see your potential, you maybe won’t ever meet the right person without a little bit of fear. Don’t look at it as a setback, it’s what keeps us going, what makes us feel alive.

When was the last time you felt purely free? You don’t even know because you’ve been tied up for too long. It’s never too late to get out, all it takes is a little wish to do so.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks