The most cliche things ever said are the ones who are the truest. I mean, they’ve been said for a reason, right?
I know one of those and it goes along the lines of: ‘’You can’t love anyone until you learn to love yourself’’. I know it’s very hard to do such a thing, but try to think of it this way.

Everything that you ever went or are going through has already been experienced by someone in the past. And the people around those who have been in these situations have tried to be supportive and compassionate. Now let me ask you this?

What happens when you don’t have anyone around you? That never happens, because you ALWAYS have yourself. Thinking otherwise means that you have zero respect and love for a very small part of this organism we call ‘life’.
In a bigger spectrum of things, you are more important than you think. So start with caring for yourself first.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks