Certain events or unhappy memories can trigger all these unwanted emotions we call stress or anger. These emotions can be healthy in small or ‘expected’ amounts, but when the pipes continue to burst, it’s time to let the steam out. And how can I do that, you may ask? Well, as we’ve been told before, not everything can work for everyone.

What works for me or you, just might not for someone else. But know this. Keeping it in will cause more than it can solve. Talk to a friend, take a walk, listen to relaxing music, paint…
You have to ask yourself, what is my ‘happy place’? When you figure that out, you’ll know what to do or where to go the next time things get tough.

And sometimes we feel alone and like we shouldn’t talk to anyone about what troubles us, but the receiving end doesn’t always have to be a person. It can be whatever you want it to.
When I’m doing things that make me happy, even when I’m physically alone I don’t feel lonely. It’s not about keeping it in, it’s about learning how to cope with it. Being alone is fine, but feeling alone never is. Remember that.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks